Anna Nunez is an artist who lives and works as a freelance designer in Southwest Florida. Her process is deeply rooted in illustration and hand crafted type. She believes in the art of listening, collaborating and story telling - and she can't wait to bring your ideas to life. 


Hello, I'm Anna. Welcome to my site - a place that I've dedicated to my work in illustrative logo design and the development of branding essentials with a range of clients. In addition to these, I've also organized a portfolio of commissioned projects that I've had the privilege of helping bring to life (pin, t-shirt, tattoo and custom print designs), and paintings that I've worked on in my spare time.

As a graphic designer with a knack for illustration and typography, the handcrafted quality of my work is what truly shapes my process and style. Every one of my designs are initially sketched, drawn and lettered by hand, giving the finished piece an organic feel, and a look that is entirely customized to the client who commissioned it. This is what I love the most about my job - this opportunity that my process allows for me to treat each logo, brand or project with the same focus and attention to detail that you would a work of art.


ANNA NUNEZ LOGO 2018-07.png

Anna graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2017 with her bachelor’s in Studio Art, and double minors in Marketing and Advertising. It was during this time that she developed her interest in creating fine art, while simultaneously balancing this interest with a career in design. During the week, she is devoted to her client relationships and the progress of projects at hand. In the evenings and on the weekends, she paints, writes, styles, photographs, helps her mother run their handmade clothing company, travels with her husband and so on. Always looking for opportunities to expand her range of creative talent, and in turn finding avenues of channeling those experiences back into her graphic design work.