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about me

Hello! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the illustrative and design work that I am so honored to have played a part of. A little about me: I call St. Petersburg, FL my hometown, and Fort Myers, FL my home. It's down here in SW FL that I share a small 1920's apartment with my husband and our many plant children. It's fun to imagine the character of this building and the hardworking, hand crafted vibe of the 20's era seeping into the art that I create as I work. I find a lot of joy in traveling with my main squeeze and I'll choose coffee over tea any day. To follow along with what I'm up to each day and get better look as some of my more recent projects, feel free to visit my Instagram.


about the design process


Each illustrator and designer have ways that they prefer to structure and operate their process of brainstorming and collaborating with clients. And so that's why I feel like it's super important to be as transparent at possible with mine. Whatever your question might be about who I am or how I work, don't be shy in asking it!

When it comes to our time together, I love to guide and lead us through a series of organized steps. I find that setting clear expectations is crucial to a smooth progression of a design's outcome and that communication is a value I hold dear. As we go about our project, I like to look for opportunities to collaborate. Although there is an element of Independent creativity and artwork that comes with the hand-drawn illustrations that I create, I enjoy orchestrating a design process that encourages the sharing of ideas and visions. I never wish for the outcome of a project to be mine alone, but one that we arrived at together.

I'm glad to give more explanation on the specific stages that we walk through and share about how collaborations on projects outside of the branding sphere work upon inquiry.



Are you currently taking on new clients?

Yep! As of right now, I am currently taking on new clients for October.

How do I know if we're a good fit for one another?

If you value quality and craftsmanship, appreciate the handmade things in life and are drawn to the style of the work on this site and my Instagram, then odds are we are already looking to run in the same direction. If you are the studious kid, who likes order but loves to make a mess sometimes, then hey, I think we might be the same person. And yet if you are much more laid back than that, but appreciative of punctuality and serious attention to detail, then we're going to get along wonderfully. Design should be fun, but on time, and I love to create beautiful things with those ideas in mind.

How long will a design / illustration take?

All my work is hand lettered and hand drawn, and so by nature it usually doesn't come with the quickest turn around times. If you need something yesterday, you can always reach out to me, but odds are, your order might not come at a time that I'm able to rush things. That being said - I am a firm believer of moving things along! And I'll never dwell on a design phase for longer than I need to. Each project demands it's own unique timeline, however I can assure you that my response time to emails are going to be 1-2 business days as long as I can help it, and that I communicate the number of weeks that that certain design phases take to complete in both my pricing guides and emails right from the start.

What file types do you end up sending out?

Upon the completion of a project, all of our files are to be saved out in three formats: PDF, EPS and PNG. They’re delivered to you via Dropbox upon final payment.